Want To Join Our Team? 

Awesome! We love what we do and are always on the lookout for passionate people to help up support people who are deconstructing.

A Quick Gut Check Before We Proceed

Whole-hearted alignment with the work we do and the way we show up is crucial to supporting our people well. Please review this summary of our key beliefs and if you're on the same page, scroll down to view and apply for our current openings.

Please note we are looking for candidates who find themselves shouting "HELL, YES!" when reading this list, rather than mumbling "if they pay well, I can put up with that".

What We Believe...

  • Choice matters and every human has the right to choose their path
  • Everyone has equal value, even when existing systems don’t honor it
  • Equitable relationships are possible and worth fighting for
  • The Christian Bible supports adult consenting relationships for LGBTQIA+ and hetero/cis people
  • The devaluation of all things feminine is a cultural preference, not a divine mandate 
  • Religious community should never be abusive
  • Self-love, healing and rest are courageous acts of resistance against unjust systems
  • Deconstruction is a must for those raised in white supremacy laced North American Christian culture
  • One person's experiences and truths don’t equate to everyone’s experiences or truths
  • Our Creator/The Divine/God are more expansive than we give them credit for
  • In setting healthy boundaries and that “no” is a complete answer
  • Embodiment feeds the soul and liberates marginalized people
  • Toxic systems thrive on shame, secrecy, and manipulation to maintain an imbalance of power that favors the few

Current Openings 

Project Manager (Part-Time/Contract)

Reengage, LLC which operates AngelaJHerrington.comDeconstructingFaithSummit.com, and the Faith Deconstruction Cafe community, is seeking to immediately contract  a Project Manager to coordinate day-to-day ­business operations, as well as implement strategic direction and prioritize activities for the business.

Rapidly developing, vital projects start this Spring. So this contractor would ideally begin work on May 2, 2022. Apply by April 5 for fullest consideration.

Click here to read the full description and requirements.

We do not currently have any open positions.

Please send us a message via our contact form if you have any questions!