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To make it easy to get all the support you need, I've compiled all the sessions from the 2022 Deconstructing Faith Summit into a full-access Replay Pack!

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 $100 credit for Deconstruction Coaching with Angela J Herrington MA, LSCC 



 "Things I Wish I'd Known Sooner" E-Book

We asked Summit speakers, deconstruction leaders, and people who've deconstructed to share their biggest A-Ha moments so that you don’t have to work so hard to get through your deconstruction.

This 18 page downloadable e-book is packed with encouragement and nuggets of wisdom from people who've actually been through deconstruction and want to help you navigate the hardest parts!


The 2022 Summit Replay Pack includes all speaker sessions, panels, and live sessions from the 2022 Summit, and you can purchase it for $147!


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- Your Replay Pack Includes 10 hours of Session Recordings - 

Angela J Herrington MA, LSCC
Reclaiming Your Sacred Self Through Deconstruction

Father Shannon T.L. Kearns
Who Am I Now? Finding Your Footing After You've Left The Paved Path

R. Scott Okamoto
A Sense of Self: The Role of Race and Gender in Decolonization

Kit Kennedy
Religious Trauma and the Nervous System: Deconstruction, God, & Pavlov's Dog

Angela J Herrington, MA, LSCC
3 Easy Ways to Release Hard Stuff & Mini Coaching Sessions 

Rev. Kristian A. Smith
Honoring Love Where We Find It: Engaging With Other Belief Systems

Jim Palmer
Overcoming Toxic Religious Shame with Radical Self-Acceptance

Carina Davis
Just Live: Getting Away From The Chaos Of Deconstruction

David Hayward
Flip it Like This:
Art as Transformative

Angela J Herrington MA. LSCC
Becoming Your Own Guide & Mini Coaching Sessions

- Plus 3 hours of TOPIC BASED Panel Discussions - 

Panel #1
What Is It Really Like To Deconstruct?

In this panel, you’ll meet five people who are willing to share a little about their unique deconstruction journey and answer some of the most common questions about deconstruction. 

Karen White
Coach and Co-Founder of Messy is Wonderful LLC

Rebekah Drumsta
Consultant, Writer, and Advocate

Amber Picota
Author, Wife, Pastor and Mother

Cynthia Vacca Davis
Author and Professor

Kevin Nye
Author and Advocate

Panel #2

Relationships, Gender, & Intimacy After Purity Culture

This panel is going to tackle one of the most challenging aspects of deconstructing from purity culture and share how they learned to navigate relationships, gender, and intimacy after purity culture. 

Eily Rae Hite
Queer Exvangelical

Megan Tschanz
Author and Podcaster

Naiomi Gonzalez 

Meghan Crozier 
Podcaster, and Writer

Florence Okwusogu
Personal Growth Specialist

Panel #3

Parenting While Deconstructing:
How Not To Pass Toxic Religion On To The Next Generation

Parenting can be tough, and adding faith deconstruction to your already full plate can be challenging. Our panelists will share their parenting while deconstructing stories, tips, and even a few cringe-worthy moments you can probably relate to!

Mary Katherine Backstrom 
Wife, Momma, & Author

Matthew Kendziera
Conversation Architect

Esther J Goetz
Podcast Hostess & Fellow Sojourner

Torri Williams 
Activist, Coach, & Coordinator of Chaos

Jonathan Puddle
Author, Pastor, & Foster Parent

We truly want you to have all the tools you need to untangle yourself from toxic religion. So, we are putting all these sessions, plus podcast versions of each session into this replay pack, and giving you a more accessible price to make it easy to say


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