I know safe and supportive Christian spaces can be really hard to find, so I created one and I'd love to welcome you into it...Right now, exactly as you are! 

The Faith Deconstruction Cafe supports Jesus-loving women and non-binary people who are disconnecting from the gender bias, racism, patriarchy, or other hallmarks of toxic religious culture!

Hey there friend! I'm Angela J Herrington, MA, LSCC and I'm a Faith Deconstruction coach who provides soul care for people who are untangling from toxic religion. 

As a certified life coach and seminary-trained online pastor, I have a lot of experience helping people connect with God. But this is also a very personal journey for me.
For the last decade, I've been on my own journey to break free from learned smallness and step into wild sacred holy womanhood. Long story short, after finding faith in my early 30's I began to realize that what I was hearing from the church about women didn't always line up with what God was telling me.
I loved God but realized the church was teaching some really toxic stuff.
So this Enneagram 8, firstborn, Gen Xer started deconstructing. I questioned and challenged everything I thought I knew about faith, gender, and myself.

It was messy and took a lot of work to sort it out. Therapy. Coaching. Bodywork. Spiritual healing. Conferences and retreats. And even a couple of college degrees.

You name it...I tried it.

But the thing that made the biggest difference was the presence and support of wise people who helped me up when I didn't know where else to turn. 

That's why in September 2021, I created and hosted The Deconstructing Faith Summit. I gathered 20 phenomenal deconstruction experts to share their expertise and hosted over 1100 attendees in the week-long virtual event. Those who attended realized they weren't alone, had a safe space to ask questions, learned dozens of strategies to help them deconstruct, and released tons of pent-up emotions they didn't even know they were carrying around.

We laughed, we cried, and we danced, but the best part was...We did it together. 

It was AMAZING and it was just the beginning. 

So now, I'm doubling down on my commitment to create an inclusive support system for people, like you, who are longing to get away from toxic religion and cultivate a nourishing spiritual life.

I would be honored to be your guide, be by your side, uncover what's holding you back, and co-create a plan to break free.


The Faith Deconstruction Cafe is a safe space cultivated for women and non-binary people who are deconstructing their faith from patriarchy and toxic religion.