I'm saving you a seat for The Deconstructing Faith Summit!

September 12-17 are going to be action-packed with amazing speakers asking messy questions about Christianity and sharing how you can untangle your faith from toxic religion.

But it totally defeats the purpose if you're overwhelmed by trying to catch every video each day. That's where the All-Access Pass comes in!

With the All-Access Pass you get…


$197 $147

  • Ongoing access to recordings of every workshop. 
  • Transcripts of each workshop just in case you prefer to read each presentation. 
  • 90-day access to an exclusive podcast you can listen to on the go.
  • $300 in exclusive speaker bonuses details below
  • One Simple Step workbook featuring journaling prompts, notes,  and an activity for every session. 
  • A BONUS chance to win a seat in the 7 Week Deconstruct Your Faith Course ($297 value for the winner)
YES! I Want Lifetime Access & Amazing Bonuses (and to save 25%)!!!


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For $37 the Deconstructing Faith Starter Pack gives you a solid foundation for your deconstructing journey. You'll get access to 5 session recordings, transcripts, and worksheets, an invite to my live Deconstructing Prayer Workshop, and a $50 credit you can use to get more support when you need it!

You'll get the recording, transcript, and worksheet for: 

  • "Deconstructing Faith 101: What It Is, What It Isn't" with Angela J Herrington
  • "You Can Sit With Me" with Olivia Meeks
  • "Disrupting White Supremacy: Answering the Call to Active Allyship" with Courtney Napier
  • "You are a Whole Sacrament: Ordinary Blessings and Sacred Elements" with Megan Gilmore, MA, LSCC, CPCC, PCC
  • "Wandering the Wilderness Without a Map"  with Ticcoa Leister
YES! The Bite-Sized Starter Pack Is What I Need!!!

Your All-Access Pass Premium Speaker Bonuses Include:

Deconstructed Prayer Workshop

Angela J Herrington

Join Angela for a LIVE workshop to learn about how to connect with and through prayer during your deconstruction, without feeling obligated to do the way you were taught.

This interactive workshop will cover when, where, how, why, and why not to pray. Plus join in live for a Q & A session to ger your questions about prayer answered.

Regular Price: $197

Charity Means Love: Transforming the Culture of How We Give E-Book

Father Nathan Monk

Charity Means Love lives up to every word of its title, a remarkable call to action for anyone who cares deeply about a cause. It was written with everyone who gives a damn in mind. Each paragraph takes you on a journey that leads to a solution. When you are done, you’ll be ready to pick up a broom and get to work!

Regular Price: $19

How White Supremacy Screws Us All Workshop

Courtney Napier

For this mini-workshop, we will explore the ways that white supremacy harms all of us (even people racialized as white!). Together, we will break down the lies we’re fed about who we are and the power we hold to rise up and experience true liberation. 

Regular Price: $100

Inner Sanctuary Meditation

Aj Smit

In this guided visual meditation, coach, author, and Red Tent guide Aj Smit will help you explore your Inner Sanctuary. 

You'll discover an internal space where you can find rest and commune with Spirit, or your own soul.  

Regular Price: $25


Amanda Waldron

The Unhelpful Thinking Styles Cheat Sheet will introduce you to the six most common thinking traps. You'll have a chance to reflect on your own thinking and explore how these styles may be impacting your deconstruction. Additionally, there are three questions to ask to help move you from worry to hope. 

Regular Price: $17

Date Night For Deconstructors Workbook

Meg Cowan

In this workbook, you'll learn how to connect with your partner even in the midst of deconstructing.

It includes conversation starters, tips, and the materials you need to reconnect with the one you love without the pressure of coming up with what to say! 

50% Discount on Women Rising

Meghan Tschanz

You'll receive a 50% discount on a print copy of Women Rising, Meghan Tschanz's personal journey of transformation.

This book is also a Christian blueprint for anyone wanting to confront injustice against women while pointing to a biblical standard for gender equality. With humility and grit, Meghan calls Christian women to amplify their voices for righteousness—and she calls the church to listen. 

Regular Price: $17

30 Minute Coaching Call

Tara Teng

 Your whole self is welcome here.

Together we will move through shame, grief, and fear to embrace your full self. I am not your teacher, because I believe no one can teach you about your own sexuality or connection to the Divine; Your body is your teacher.

Together I will help you learn the skills to know how to listen to your body and hold space for you to embody your fullest self in a beautiful, life-giving way. 

Embodiment Practice Guide

Lurie Kimmerle

Lurie is a spiritual coach who supports women on their journey away from the limiting restrictions of patriarchal theology and towards new liberating spiritual paradigms.

That's over $300 in bonuses from our speakers to help you untangle from toxic religion WITHOUT LOSING YOUR FAITH!

The All-Access Pass includes $300 in bonuses and you can purchase it for 25% off until 9/12!

We reallllly want you to have all the tools you need to untangle yourself from toxic religion. So we are putting all these bonuses into the All-Access Pass and slashing the price to make it easy to say "YES"! (And we are serious about the 20-minute thing, we built a timer into our software just to keep us honest!)

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